Facebook under fire as U.S. lawmakers press for new antitrust…

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BRUSSELS, June 29 (Reuters) – EU antitrust regulators will decide by Aug.

2 whether to clear Facebook’s acquisition of U.S. customer service startup Kustomer, a filing on the European Commission website showed.

A Facebook spokesperson said: “We are pleased that today´s decisions recognize the defects in the government complaints filed against Facebook.” An FTC spokesperson said the agency was “closely reviewing the opinion and assessing the best option forward.”

The move comes a week after a US congressional panel advanced legislation which would lead to a sweeping overhaul of antitrust laws and give more power to regulators to break up large tech firms.

Its case, whatsapp group links filed to the Delhi High Court and obtained by AFP, said the government campaign “infringes upon the fundamental rights to privacy and free speech of the hundreds of millions of citizens using WhatsApp” in India.





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‘At 21 minutes past seven he was talking about kissing and within two minutes was talking about sex. He said that he was in Middlesbrough and sent a general location indicator to that effect.

This broke down to £20,000 for injury to feeling, £3,612.05 for interest on this award, £1,198.16 group for whatsapp (s3.amazonaws.com) financial losses including expenses, and £135.51, for interest on financial losses.

A report will demand that ministers must be required to ‘disclose informal lobbying over WhatsApp and text messages’

Wickr has touted its “military grade” encryption for business and government users, and whatsapp group join link was among the apps reportedly used to leak information from the White House during the Trump administration.

Whether the endeavour of J&K Government to regulate WhatsApp communication would have any significance, can it be enforced, make any sense interms of virtual world or an another frivolous attempt to control the net? It’s not a dispute that rumour mongering is a serious concern which is being used as an incitement to violence by the anti national elements, terrorist organizations and more particularly in the state like J&K.

The circulation of fake news on the Facebook, Newspapers, WhatsApp Groups have become rampant resulting into outbreak of violence  resulting into death of peoples, damage of property and disturbance of normal life in the J&K. The government was forced to resolve to the blocking of mobile internet to control the situation.  

The term texting refers to word messages sent to each other.

Sending messages through texts has been famous since the mobile phone times and there comes the smartphone era which is an internet enabled device with advanced applications that made us feel “it’s a small world”. One such revolutionary feature is the messaging app like WhatsApp.WhatsApp is used to send messages to anyone in the world who uses the app.

It is free of cost and it allows sharing media files as well. It is the most used app by all and it is said to have a revenue of 1.4 million US dollars in 2013. Fast forward to 2020, the total WhatsApp revenue is 5 billion US dollars with 2 billion users around the world.

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